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Lubov Veselova

Teaching painting

Art studio "Palette" for adults working in the d / c "Coeval". Classes are free.


Tvorestvo common, but also shows how different we are!

We can see the different colors of life, colors of nature, perceive the images of the environment.

Learn how to "talk" colors, you can share the beauty of the art studio in the "Palette".


Studio teacher directs LI Veselov. Master of his craft, a talented artist, able to show the world through hundreds of shades, but still has a great desire to be attached to the beloved other people - a rare combination.

Her world of art can be seen on her personal website, and exhibitions of works of her students at our center, and in the eyes of adoring admirers of her work.

An introduction to the beauty, you will change your attitude to the world, feel the taste of life. In the art studio "Palette" you will discover not only their talents, but also gain friends, associates.


Classes are held: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 17-00 to 20-00 (adult groups) at Michurinsky Avenue, Building 27 Building 1


For more information call: 8 (495) 932 44 00