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Leisure center "Rovesnik"

Leisure center "same age"

In WMO Ramenki operates municipal budget organization "the same age."


Leisure center "same age" is in three locations:

- Michurinsky prospect, 27, build. 1;

- St. Friendship, d.2/19;

- St. Pyreva, 5.


   The founder of the institution is a municipality in the district Ramenki Moscow. The establishment of a fully funded from the budget of the municipality. In the "same age" there are a lot of studios, sports clubs, study groups for both adults and children. Art studio "Palette" there since the foundation "same age". Now here are engaged adults who master the technique of oil painting from scratch. Ages 18 and older. Directs the art studio Veselova Lyubov. Center organizes holidays for people in sports yard areas, activities in their premises on various topics. In everyone's life there are creative desire, which is never enough time. Come to our center, dive into the world of creativity, "family affection", make changes in their lives. We live an active life, go to the theater, concerts, engaged in creative circles and sports sections. Children and adults learn to draw, do vocal acrobatics, chess. Adults gather in clubs. Everyone can find at our center for everyone. Our doors are open to all concerned and willing to engage in vigorous activity! 

For more information call:

- 8 (495) 932 44 00

- 8 (499) 783 05 93.


We are waiting for you!